Poetry Contests

Calling all poets! Write what's on your mind. Turn your observations of the world and your reflections on all its wonders into poems.  Come participate in our poetry contest! It is open to everyone and free to enter! Winners in each age group will receive a gift card and a certificate. 

Guidelines vary


Community Impact

History, Inspiration, and Future of the Poetry Contest and PASF

See this news article: https://palyvoice.com/170996/features/palo-alto-students-foundation-student-led-nonprofit/

New Poetry Contest Committee 2024

Attention! We are currently recruiting student representatives from each school to form our new poetry contest committee. Students of all ages (K-12) are welcome to apply. Please send your bio to admin@paloaltostudents.org. We will schedule a phone interview the week after that. 

The student representatives will be in charge of the following:  

We will have group meetings during the whole process. You are also welcome to contribute to designing our Award-winning poetry collections booklet in summer and be one of the organizers of the poetry contest award ceremony in fall.